10 Reasons Why Ruto’s Journey To Presidency Is Unstoppable!

By Wachira Nick: 1.In 1997,a little known William Ruto defeated Mois right hand wealthy man Chesire hands down..

2.Between 1997 and 2002,Ruto rose from a young unknown politician to being General Secretary to the ruling party and Assistant Minister.

Ruto and Rachel before joining politics. They were preachers!
Ruto and Rachel before joining politics. They were preachers!

3.In 2002,he managed to Marshall Kalenjin people to vote for Uhuru to the last man when the whole country was against KANU .

4.In 2005 again he led the Kalenjin Nation to reject the Kilifi draft referendum on New Constitution forcing Raila who was in government to join him.

5.In 2007,he led the Kalenjin Nation to vote for Raila in the process defeating all three sons of Moi thus ending the Moi era as Kingpin of Kalenjin(this confirm that its was Ruto in 2002 and 2005 who delivered Kalenjin votes for Uhuru and NO team respectively and not Moi as many have always believed)

6.Between 2007 and 2013,Ruto fought so many corruption allegations against him and won all of them in court despite being in bad terms with PNU and ODM

7.In 2009, Ruto single handedly fought and defeated an impeachment motion in parliament (Remember at the time,he had parted ways with Raila and were not seeing eye to eye with PNU.  You even wonder how he managed to do that!!!!!)

8.In 2010,when the whole country was voting yes to the New Constitution,Ruto again mobilised kalenjin nation to vote no to the last man.In the process,he sealed political graves to onces Kalenjin big names politicians(Henry Koskei,Sally Kosgei,Magret Kamar,Peris Simam,Magerer Langat,Franklin Bet,Musa Sirma,Kipruto Kirwa and Jebii Kilimo).This confirmed that it was Ruto who delivered votes to Raila in 2007 and not Raila who delivered rift valley to Ruto like Luos have always imagined.

Ruto and Wife walking on redcarpet
Ruto and Wife walking on redcarpet

9.When he was minister for Agriculture in the grand coalition government ,he managed to subsidize fertilisers for farmers this increasing food production in the country ,His ministry was voted the best but the award was given to Sally Kosgei who had replaced ruto at the ministry.Raila could not stand Ruto being given the award and he went ahead to try and dirtify Rutos name with the Maize scandal scam,which he himself(Raila) stole billions of shillings (don’t forget also Raila stole billions in kazi kwa vijana program)

10.As the minister for higher education ,Ruto laid the foundation to establishment of the now so many universities in Kenya which Kibaki came to chatter towards end of his term.Ruto also commissioned the building of so many technical institutes in the country now.Remember it was him who managed to reduced time spend in joining university after high school from 2yrs to just 6 months of realise of KCSE!He was in the process of increasing Helb loan to students to minimum of 60k and a maximum of 85k when the same virus Raila struck again and removed him from the ministry .At the time higher education ministry was voted the best but again the award went to Margaret Kamar who had replaced him at the ministry.

11.In 2013,he single hand mobilised kalenjin to vote for Uhuru which propelled Uhuru to presidency and left Raila wondering what happened to his theory of him controlling Kalenjin voters(just like he his assuming now he controls western Kenya and thinks he can do without Kalonzo and Wetangula)

12.Earlier this year(2016) Ruto fought three battles and won 2 of them.One he defeated his case at ICC against the hope of Raila and his followers. Two ,he won the Kericho senatorial by election hands down despite so much money spend by Moi and His KANU brigade. Three,he came close to delivering Malindi by election losing only by less than 500 votes and he campaigned alone!You even Marvell at the work rate of this guy.How in the name of truth did he managed to pull of all this three?Fighting ICC,fight Moi in Kericho and break away rebels let by governor Ruto and fighting Raila at the Coast!!!!

13.As deputy President Ruto(with so many of you always thinking that it is Amina Mohamed) has managed to change diplomatic ties with foreign countries to a point world leaders has been streaming to our country like never before. Google the speech Ruto gave at Geneva where he convinced the whole world to have Kenya hold the annual WTO Conference her in Kenya and the first time in Africa which was held late last year.Google the speech Ruto gave in 2014 in Tokyo Japan to a point of being given a standing ovation ,the speech which convinced Japan to held TICAD for the first time outside Japan and for the first time in Africa!Even Obama shakes his hand despite the “we don’t have contact with ICC suspects” (Don’t forget Obama torn into yule jamaa wa Vitendawili)

Rachel Ruto and William Ruto
Ruto and Rachel During a campaign Rally. Their journey to the State House is Unstoppable!

14.Unlike Raila and Kalonzo who were waiting to be endorsed in 2007 and 2013 respectively,Ru
to is transpasing Central Kenya ,making himself to be felt there.I don’t remember Raila or Kalonzo ever visiting central Kenya .In fact Ruto now has more friends in Central Kenya Than Uhuru has!In the mean time yule jamaa wa vitendawili anaendelea kuwafukuza wale wachache ako nao!
Ruto’s Journey to State house is unstoppable and only a fool would think……………..