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About The Nairobi Times

The Nairobi Times is a leading platform for online news in Kenya. We endeavour to inform, empower, and engage Kenyans from all walks of life. Our independent reporting is available 24/7 around the world across all digital platforms.

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Our Team

We have experienced professional journalists who provide you with the latest engaging and powering and informative news. As experienced storytellers, our journalists and team of professionals are committed to bearing witness as the history of our country unfolds. We offer you independent and vigilant information that will not only improve your life but also make your day.

The magazine is managed by a team of professionals in mass communication.

Our editors and writers have knowledge and experience in media practices, thus making them offer you one of the best entertainment news platforms in Kenya and around the globe.

The magazine is bold in its reporting, therefore, guarantying you finer details of what Kenyan news as they break.

Our Readers

Our audience in Kenya comprises of more than 15 million households and 50 million citizens who are loyal to your paper. We care about them, and everything that we report is about how to improve the lives of our people.

Kenyan diaspora news

Never miss news about your motherland, especially when you live in the United States, The Gulf, Europe, Asia or any other place. We shall be your hands-on radio and TV station under one roof.

The Website, The Nairobi Times, is read globally with Kenya, United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Tanzania, Germany, China, United Arab Emirates, and Uganda being our top ten countries in terms of readership.

We bring you all the news about the Kenyan diaspora to keep you in touch with the rest of your brethren. Feel free to contact us if you want us to report anything around you.

Our history

The Nairobi Times has one of the richest histories among all the publications in Kenya system originally Hillary Ng’ eno founded the Nairobi Times in the 1960s. The paper has been rebranded several times to offer Nairobi news and capture the news of Kenya in the best way.

In 1968 under The Kenya Times, the newspaper published its full colour and became the first of its kind in the country.

Since those days, The Nairobi Times has continued to grow vastly and embrace technology which is why we have one of the most beautiful websites that you can interact with. Here, you can find Kenya news and as a Nairobi breaking news now on this Kenya News website. We are also available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and across several other social media platforms.

Your rights and privacy

At the Nairobi Times, we are serious about taking care of you on our platform. When you choose to enter our website, you earn privileges that help you scroll and use our website in accordance to our terms and conditions. We endeavour in providing you with high-quality new and relevant information. At the same time, we care about your privacy which is why we have set measures that will protect you on our platform. Find out from our privacy policy how we use the personal information we take from you.

Our services

Apart from bringing me the latest news and tips of life, we are also dedicated to helping promote your brand on the internet. If you wanted to sell to Nairobians, we are going to get you there by connecting you to the vast majority of internet users in the country. We have a vigilant team of social media influencers who are going to promote your brand on the internet. Also, you may need us to work, or you are brand over some time and provide you with high-quality marketing strategies. Our experts use professionally proven methods to boost your brand on the internet.

Contact us

If you’d like any clarification or you want to tell us anything if you are to contact us through the following channels:



Phone +254771775916

Email: feedback@thenairobitimes.co.ke

So, what is the Time in Nairobi? It’s The Nairobi Times!