AKINYI: Why Luos MUST Learn From Kikuyus

Kameme Raises Millions for Woman Bus Burnt by Odm
Letter written by Lavendar Akinyi urging her tribesmen to think beyond
By Lavender Akinyi
” Am not being a tribalist as some of you will be on my neck, but truth be told;

Today on Kameme fm, a total sum of 2 million was raised for the lady who’s matatu was burnt by protesters last week, my fellow luos, what do we learn from this case? As we sit and comes to reality, do we see the difference between these two pairs of communities?

Our Brothers were killed during the same protests in Kisumu, which luo leaders of goodwill has ever come out to help the bereaved families either morally or financially? As my tribemen and women prepare to spit venom on my questions, one thing will always remain clear, the gap between the two communities will grow in heaps and bounds till when we will rise above petty politics and human worshiping, ni hayo tu kwa leo.. “

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