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Welcome to The Nairobi Times! We’d like to hear from you. We are always vigilant in listening to our audience and our readers because we believe we work for them. Already, you might have a few questions, and we have compiled frequently asked questions to make it easy for you to understand us. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, then you can go ahead and contact us through the channels we’ve provided below.

Where can I start if I am new to The Nairobi Times?

If you are new to our platform, welcome and join hundreds of thousands of other like-minded people. We’d love to help you have an easy time on our website and other social media channels.

To make sure to navigate easily on our website, it’s crucial to start by reading our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use so you can understand how we relate with you. Then, from there, you may want to visit this Sitemap to get started.

Do you accept guest posts?

If you believe you have information that is relevant and useful to The Nairobi Times and other users then, you can always talk to us through the contact forms. Email us describing yourself as well as the subjects that you wish to write about. Then, we will get back to you.

You can always send us your articles and news stories to our email, and we shall review the quality and probably publish it for you. However, we have strict principles on guest posts that are linked to dubious websites. We reserve the right to accept even sometimes reject guest posts.

Can I use your articles or photographs on my magazine website or publication?

The use of any copyrighted material must comply with the regulations of the laws of Kenya and the DCMA. Before you take any of our material, make sure to read our Terms and Conditions. You need formal permission to use any of our content. Then if you ever copy any information from the website, you must link appropriately to the source.

Can you help me promote my brand?

We are open promotions and online marketing. We have a professional marketing team that offers high-quality branding and promotional services. We’ll ensure your product reaches hundreds of thousands of Kenyans who are committed to our readership. Contact us if you would want us to trend your stories on the internet. We shall also come up with a workable online marketing strategy that will reach everyone who needs the products you sell.

Handling fake news

The Nairobi Times is an informational website, and we want to uphold high editorial standards. Our information goes through several checks for accuracy. However, human is to error, and some of our articles could have a few errors mistakes. We ask you to bear with us but at the same time, contact us immediately for the correction of any typo or complete pull-down of any fake news or misdemeanor. We’d also like you to contact us if you notice an error or misrepresentation of any subject.

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