Dr. Swarrup Kiprop Mishra: Kesses MP Who Thrives in Mafia Tactics

Politicians are known to silence dissenting voices in different ways. While most other politicians take civilized methods to achieve this, Kesses Constituency legislature Dr. Swarrup Mishra is reportedly taking a more aggressive method.

Eldoret based Citizen Journalist John Wanyama on Wednesday 24th 2020 recorded a statement to the police claiming there were threats against his life. Wanyama claims that he received threats from staff at Kesses National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

In a leaked WhatsApp discussion named Kesses Office Staff, members confirm the presence of a mafia consisting of 20 guys. According to the chats mafia has been used before.
Kiprop Mishra
According to Wanyama’s lawyer, Mr Kirwa, “he has been threatened that at any point he makes any visit within Kesses Constituency his life will be terminated.” These comes at a time the MP is accused of running violent group whose sole responsibility is to “discipline” any opposing voice within the constituency.

There are victims of the mafia gang who claim to have been beaten as the MP watched. Another claims to have been beaten and locked inside a car by close associates of the MP. Another was reportedly slapped and warned never to speak ill of the MP.

The MP was filmed early this year publicly threatening a chief for coming to his food distribution meeting late.