EMBARRASSMENT VIDEO: Raila Exposes Kalonzo’s Love Life During Wiper NDC

Raila might not have intended it, but he tore Kalonzo apart during Wipers delegates meeting at Kasarani. The CORD leader was at his best moods and wanted to appreciate Kalonzo and his family for being very vocal and strong in helping the party.

Raila embarrasses Kalonzo in public
Raila embarrasses Kalonzo in public

So, Raila Odinga spoke about the woman sitted next to Kalonzo Musyoka, implicating her as a Kalonzo confidant. In fact, Raila said the woman was Kalonzo’s wife. In the traumatic statement, Kalonzo was neither impressed nor amused. Immediately, Kalonzo Musyoka’s aides rescued the situation by demanding that Raila apologizes as quick as possible- which he did.

But, the damage had been done already. Most people who had attended the meeting had already started looking confused- they even booed Raila Odinga. It was Raila who calmed the moment though, by accepting the plea to apologize and announce that indeed, Kalonzo is married to a beautiful wife, Pauline.

Scandals have surrounded the Wiper leader especially because he does not let his wife speak in public. In most cases, Kenyans have criticized that the Ukambani leader either doesn’t have a wife or doesn’t care about her. In fact, in one of his songs, Willy Paul says ‘Uhuru has Maggie, Ruto has Rachel, Raila has Ida, but Kalonzo ‘Hatumjui‘.

Here is the full video of Raila embarrassing Kalonzo on live TV.