EXPOSED: Jamleck Rigging Ploy Crumbles

News hitting our desk indicate that a Murang’a County Gubernatorial aspirant is already going nuts with every political move he is instigating to rig the Jubilee Party primaries hitting a dead end. Dissected here is a build up of this unfolding.

The just axed rogue Murang’a Jubilee Party Secretary General Veronica Maina is his concubine and the said legislator has built her a palatial home as a way of luring her to facilitate his rigging ploy. To do this, the legislator had used Veronica to illegally remove the County Jubilee Party Chairman and Secretary General after the duo failed to play the ball by his side. Their removal stamped by Veronica saw one Jane being imposed as the Chairperson to take care of Kamau’s interests as she serves in the Kigumo NG-CDF courtesy of Jamleck. However this was thwarted through a court order that reinstated the Chair and Sec Gen who had been validly elected by the aspirants last year. This further threw Kamau in a sea of quagmire as he couldn’t now have a compromised Chairperson and Sex Gen.

Jamleck Kamau addresses a group in a previous meeting in Murang'a. He's been accused of planning to rig Jubilee nominations
Jamleck Kamau addresses a group in a previous meeting in Murang’a. He’s been accused of planning to rig Jubilee nominations

Veronica Maina had further handed Jamleck over 100,000 smart cards to facilitate rigging a move that was cast in doom with the revelation that Zones such as Murang’a that are purely Jubilee would not employ the cards in nominations. It’s alleged that Veronica had pocketed a large sum of cash for this filthy job.

The removal of Veronica, Kamau’s godmother, Sex-Gen, Concubine and many more pulled the last nail in Kamau’s political coffin as she was the one to ensure Kamau’s gets the nomination certificate by hook or crook.

The Postponed and chaotic Jubilee County elections board at Makuyu TTC was also another pile of goofs Kamau has recently pulled keen or employing a rigging machinery. Our sources hinted that prior to Veronica’s firing at Jubilee she had conspired with the rogue imposed County Jubilee Chair and Sec Gen to draft a thuggish list of aspirants comprised of Kamau’s sympathizers and soon to be political orphans who would elect a board that would enhance rigging. The board would have put in clerks who would do the dirty job of rigging with lots of monies pumped to them and promises of lucrative deals in case he gets the Governorship job. Some of the few genuine aspirants in this list had also been promised nomination certificates by Kamau and Maina in the event they fail in nominations.

Kamau maintained that the election had to go on as he was aware his thuggish tactics would have only been possible on that material day as postponement would have led to intervention of the National Jubilee Office more so on validation of the aspirants lists. His rival Governor Wa Iria insisted that the election be postponed and done upon an address issues raised on validation of the aspirants register and proper communication to the aspirants a call that was nodded by the party national leadership with the rescheduling of the election to Tuesday next week….

Upon the re-convention of the meetings in the evening after the afternoon chaos the Coordinator Leah Ntimama issued a communication that the party high office has postponed the election till Tuesday a move that was vehemently opposed by Jamleck and his handlers inside the hall. Kamau was overheard barking “lazima uchaguzi ifanywe”. “Who is that senior to cancel this meeting hata kama ni Uhuru?”, Kamau retorted. Prior to the re- convention Kamau made frantic calls to his unscrupulous “aspirants” in Kikuyu who had scampered for safety upon being teargassed. “Mwiha, ukai nikwanjia kuingirwo tuthurane”, Kamau asserted in one of the phone calls. With this ploy hatched Kamau left Makuyu a frustrated man barking at his handlers saying Wa Iria only had few guys and managed to have the meeting postponed yet they were many and didn’t defend their stance on the election.

Kamau had also bribed the Mutiso, an OCPD based in Kandara to block Wa Iria allied aspirants from accessing the venue for the evening meeting. This saw aspirants such as Habile Chege eyeing the Township Ward Seat, Solex eyeing Ichagaki and James Kamau eyeing Mugoiri Ward being thoroughly roughed up when they demanded to enter as they have duly paid and met the set requirements by Jubilee party to participate in the nominations though their names had been maliciously stricken off the list by the imposed branch officials. One of the aspirants is still recuperating in a private hospital owing to the injuries inflicted on him by the said officers. The reinstated party branch chairman was also not spared in this intimidation ploy as he was roughed up by Mutiso and a battalion of administration police as he tried to hand the court order that had reinstated him to the OCPD. The OCPD yelled that he doesn’t get directives from the courts when asked why he was defying a court order. All these ill inspired efforts by Kamau were thrashed with the postponement of the elections having scoffed millions towards this.