DICK Wamunyonyi: Viral Firirida Artist Who Performed at Uhuru-Margret Wedding

God’s time is the best, and no one knows that better than Dick Munyonyi whose Firirida song went viral after 36 years! Everyone believed it was buried in oblivion, but it was patiently waiting for the day when people would resurrect it and replace the Jerusalema Dance in winning in a celebrational challenge. In fact, the Firirida Challenge has overtaken every piece of challenge before it, and we cannot stop marveling at the now aged artist!

Firirida Dick Munyoni Njoroge
Firirida Dick Munyoni Njoroge himself

Today, Kameme FM are hosting the Firirida King himself, DICK Munyonyi at CanjaMuka with Kihenjo and Wakirumba.

He sang the Firirida song more than 35+ years ago. In fact, he’s the one that performed at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding with Margret.

The song was a sensation in the 90s and 80s and was sang in nearly all events in central Kenya. Many Kikuyu adults who were children in schools danced along the Firirida song during weddings, harambees and other social gatherings. So, it’s no wonder that they would love it so much when it rekindled their memories more than three decades later!

But, it has taken 36 years buried in the old stories. So, pay attention to every detail as we host the musician himself. What would you like to tell him?

Born Dickson Njoroge in Kitale in 1952, Munyonyi went through a harsh life growing up. Today, we celebrate him!