The National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders on Thursday met with foreign diplomats to chat about the ‘August elections’. Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Raila and Wetangula. The grand opposition team met with leaders of the European Union, and ambassadors of other foreign countries to push their agenda.

Western countries funding Kenya Opposition
Raila meets with Western Ambassadors and High commissioners to seek for funding

The opposition coalition has been up the country trying to woo Kenyans to believe in their strategy. Although the polls put them below Jubilee, the leaders still believe they are going to win the August general elections.

During their meeting with Western countries, NASA leaders allegedly pushed for donations to fund their campaign, which is expected to be the most expensive since independence. Apart from meeting with ambassadors and representatives, Raila, Kalonzo, Wetangula and Mudavadi also met with Donor Groups.

According to the ODM news outlet Kenya Today, some of those who attended the function were High Commissioners from Canada, European Union and interestingly, the United States.

Raila: why The west and America must finance Opposition against government
Raila has been seeking western countries to fund their campaigns. It’s not new!

In the 2013 elections, pundits said that Uhuru Kenyatta was propelled foreign policy which angered majority of Kenyans against extortion by ‘colonialist wazungus’. The ICC played a big role in shaping Kenya’s political landscape. Also, Obama’s US secretary for African affairs told Kenyans that their choices would have consequences.

According to the UK Hansard, official publication of the British parliament, Uhuru won because the western powers supported Raila. And therefore sought independence over patronage.

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