How Raila Plots To Destroy Jubilee With the Handshake and BBI


By Kinyua Njeri

We must admit that in politics, Raila is smarter than Uhuru and Ruto combined! Raila tried to beat UhuRuto in 2013, 2017 (a), and 2017 (b)- he failed.

Then, the Einstein of Kenyan politics came up with a super idea.
He’s got the best political masterminds at his disposal and you cannot really argue against the brains at his disposal because Orengo is the least you can get.

So, they schemed The Handshake and BBI. Raila understood this would be a tough fete, and that it would not possibly be received well in Jubilee strongholds, but; the returns would be worth the twinge.

The idea is simple- use the Emperor Constantine rule of joining the enemy to rock the boat from the inside. The handshake successfully split UhuRuto into Uhuru and Ruto.

Then, the next few months were about pitting Uhuru against Ruto. Interestingly, the religiously followed Profesor Raila’s blueprint. And, Raila’s Trojan Horse worked, with the venom spoiling the Jubilee camp.

So, like eagles do to fighting locusts, Raila rolled out the perfect execution to destroy them!

Now that Uhuru and Ruto won’t see eye to eye, they are both exposed to their enemies, because their unity was the only strength they had.

The ODM camp could easily table motions/articles of impeachment against either Uhuru or Ruto, and; with the current numbers, it will be a simple fete.

And, because Uhuru doesn’t have the legislative commanders he boasted about when Jubilee was still intact, he could be the first to fall. Then, he gets impeached, and his deputy will presume powers until the 2022 general elections.

Then, when Ruto dares to vie at that time, he’ll be pitted as a power-hungry kingslayer politician who “killed the monarch to rule”. So, he’ll lose the election shamefully because he failed the only test he needed to pass “earn the kingdom by protecting his aging king”

And, Raila will be the only option, with a strong NASA united block still behind him.

Jubilee must rethink their political strategies, and both Uhuru and Ruto must wake up from the stupor of their sleep! Or, else….