How the US Electoral College Vote Works, in Kenyan Layman’s Language

How Does the US Electoral College, In Layman’s Language Please? Find out how the US election works, in the simplest words possible.

The Nairobi Times

Think of this (in the most layman’s language I can use).

First, Kenya holds an election. It’s a two horse race- Kivutha and Ruto.

How the USA Electoral College works- in simple Kenyan language

The results are out and Ruto wins the popular vote. In short, the popular vote means the total number of votes cast in the country.

But Ruto cannot be declared the winner because he’s probably been voted in one side of the country and we need some sense of regional balance.

So, we have to count people per county (States). This is where the college votes come in.

Think of the college votes as the total number of constituencies in a county. The number of college votes (constituencies) are determined by the total number of people in each of those counties. For instance, Kiambu, with 2.1 million people will have 21 college votes, and Garissa with 200,000 duales will be worth 2 votes.

Let’s say Ruto wins in Garisa, Turkana, Pokot and Nandi among others. By winning, I mean that he’ll get the majority of the votes in those specific counties.  In short, it’s like every county will be holding a small election to choose their president. The winner gets all the college votes in that county.

 Even if in Tana River county which has 5 college votes, Ruto gets 48.5% and Kivutha earns 48.4% while the “others” share the remaining 3.1%, Ruto will be declared winner in that county and receive all the 5 college votes.

Halafu, lets say Kivutha wins the majority of votes in Kiambu (which has 21 votes), Nairobi (41), Kisumu (14), Nakuru (15) and Tharaka Nithi (12) among other highly populated areas. Kivutha will have won more electoral votes from vote rich counties, even if he lost the popular vote. Thus, Kivutha will be declared president!

So, college vote is a direct relationship between the county (state)’s population. Highly populated counties such as Kiambu, Nairobi and Nakuru would have more college votes than Turkana, Garissa and Kwale. Think of the college vote as the political weight of a given region, That’s why California has 55, Texas 36 and New York 29 simply because they have more people than other states.

I hope you now see how Trump won the 2016 college vote despite losing the popular vote to Clinton.

I’ve tried to be as simple as possible, Hope it helps .