Top 10 Most Popular Kenyan Newspapers in Kenya

Top Ten Kenyan Newspapers with Highest Sales Distribution and Readership.

The Nairobi Times

News in Kenya is well-covered by a number of media companies. They offer the best Kenyan newspapers. Most of these press firms are majorly involved in the production and distribution of newspaper. Also, they have other news outlets across the country. Kenya’s leading websites, according to Alexa, are majorly those with newspapers.

Most Popular Kenyan Newspapers
Most Popular Kenyan Newspapers

According to research agency GeoPoll, the majority of people in Kenya read the Daily Nation, The Standard, The Star and People Daily. Here is a list of the most popular or best newspapers in Kenya.

1.   Daily Nation

Owned by the Agha Khan group of companies, the Daily Nation is a daily newspaper that produces content throughout the country. They have press bureaus with professional reporters and journalists across the country. Daily Nation also produces the Sunday Nation, which is Kenya’s most bought newspaper with nearly 500,000 copies sold per day.

GeoPoll estimates that the Daily Nation Newspaper is read by an average of 4,379,000 people every day. That earns the Daily Nation the Lion’s share of 40% of the Kenyan active reading population.

Interestingly, the demographics show that most young people aged between 15 and 35 love the Daily Nation.

The company has a chain of radio stations and NTV.

They also have an online site named: .

2.   Standard

The Standard is the second most popular newspaper in Kenya. Owned by the Scan Media Group, The Standard serves Kenyans with daily news.

The Standard newspaper has more than 2,223,500 readers every day according to GeoPoll. That accounts for 20% of the Kenyan readers.

They have reporters all-round the country, and their marketing is well fueled by a chain of other media outlets including KTN, KTN News, and a series of radio stations. Most importantly, the newspaper boasts the most vibrant online readership in Kenya with millions of followers on social media that bring a monthly reading of 20,000,000 on their website!

Their site is

3.   The Star

Though the newspaper is one of the newest in Kenya, it has been able to fight its way to become one of Kenya’s most read newspapers. In the recent times, The Star has dared to compete with the two horses and established itself as one of Kenya’s most-read newspapers. The Radio Africa Group owns The Star, Kiss TV and several other radio stations. Its site is

4.   People’s Daily

This is a Kenya’s free newspaper, with a commanding daily distribution of over 100,000 copies. The People’s Daily Kenyan newspaper is owned by the Media Max Digital company, which owns K24 and several other radio stations. Their site is

The People Daily recently rebranded its online platforms into  . The newspaper is promoted locally through MediaMax large radio and TV base- Kameme TV, Kameme FM, Maiyan FM, Emoo FM, and Milele among others.

5.   The Nairobian

The Nairobian is a gossip section of the Standard Group. They mainly deal with social issues and entertainment. SDE Digital – is the sensational newspaper’s main online platform.

6.   Taifa Leo

The name is simply a translation of “Daily Nation”, Taifa Leo’s mother newspaper. Taifa Leo is the most popular Kiswahili newspaper in Kenya, and only second to Tanzanian newspapers. They have sensational news and topics that keep the Swahili language alive. Their website is

7.   The East African

When you want to grasp news from all over the East African region, The East African is where to go. This newspaper captures news from Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. Their website is

8.   The Business Daily Newspaper

Sometimes, the business news appears at the middle of the paper. But, with the Business Daily, everything is all business. Here, you get insights to corporate news stories related stuff. Owned by the Nation Media Group, the Business Daily is the main portal for business news in Kenya.

Their website is .

The Daily Nation, Standard, The Star, Kenya Times and The People are all newspapers in Kenya. They have the highest number of fans across the country. Visibly, the most popular websites in Kenya belong to them. The newspapers in Kenya have not only helped millions of Kenyans catch up with news, they have also created jobs for Kenyans.