Neighbors Beat Up A Mother Who Gave Child Chang’aa (VIDEO)

A section of women in Kiambu decided to descend on a woman who was allegedly caught red-handedly giving her baby some illicit brew. The woman- a local habitual drunkard herself- is said to have given the kid some drink so that it can stop disturbing her as she sips Chang’aa.

Shock as Mother Gives Baby Chang'aa, Beaten By Villagers. Watch a video as the kid is finally rescued in Kiambu
Mother Gives Baby Chang’aa, beaten by Neighbours

The child looked drowsy, and when the people came, both the child and the mother were already drunk. This angered the locals who then decided to rain blows and kicks on the woman.

At first, the woman did not want to give in but after a thorough beating, the kid was freed from her hands. The child, who is about one or two years, had not eaten anything. Instead of getting food from her mother, he had been given several sips of some bitter alcohol from a local brewer.

So, the villagers rescued the kid from its drunk mother and then beat her up as a lesson. The angry women also said they have tried their best to discourage the sot from ever drinking again. But, on this particular day, the women gave her up into the hands of the police.

Watch the video of the drunk mother and child here: