“Disband ODM Youth League, Get Fresh Blood!”

“The leaders are planless and look older than the people they claim to represent.”

Strong voices within the ODM frontline are now calling for the disbandment of the mule ODM Youth League secretariat. Although it is suppossed to be the main voice for students, young people and anyone below the age of 35, the youth league has been sluggish in their work with nearly everyone unknown beyond the office they hold.

ODM Youth League Officials

Outspoken ODM diehard and communication expert Seth “Dikembe” Odongo is the latest to throw a jab on the youth leage. In a scathing critique, the former student leader said,

ODM Youth League should be DISBANDED. The thing can’t lead any campaign on their own. Can’t even hire a truck. The thing hasn’t built any network of financiers that can fund it to conduct its own activities without the party bankrolling it. The thing is made up of people who are no longer youths. Or if they are, they no longer think as youths. The thing is made up of youth officials who can never hold a microphone for five minutes and talk sense without sloganeering. The thing cannot hold a meeting whose resolutions can be covered by news networks, even on the most driest of news days.The thing is made of officials who in another world would easily sell ODM to the highest bidder, and on the cheap. The thing’s so called President – John Ketora – is gutless, visionless, spineless and sorrowful, and does not ooze political oomph. Even Nathaniel Akadima of ANC is more prominent nationally, yet Akadima is heading a shell. If you ask Ketora what’s the ODM Platform for 2017-2022, he won’t tell you off the cuff. The thing’s Secretary General must have died in the Titanic.The thing’s National Coordinator spends more time dyeing his hair than coordinating ODM Youth activities. ODM Youth League must get a completely new generation of youth leaders…it must! ODM YOUTH LEAGUE IS A DEAD YOUTH LEAGUE.”

Dikembe Disembe

Do you agree that the ODM Youth League should be disbanded and fresh elections held immediately?