PLASTIC CABBAGE: Watch Chinese Manufacture Synthetic Vegetables- Be Careful!

Watch out for PLASTIC CABBAGES allegedly being manufactured in China and Japan, and destined for the Kenyan market! Here, find a video showing how they make these vegetables and fake foods. Then, see the dangers of using plastic food to your health. Dont forget to find real debate!

You are used to vegetables growing in the kitchen garden, from a seed, through a seedling to the mature plant. But, that’s not the case anymore! Be careful what you eat, because the Asian Tigers are manufacturing fake cabbages. Worse, it could be coming to a grocery near you!

In the video below, you’ll find a person making cabbages from nothing but synthetic substances. He goes ahead to add some chemical that end up into a cabbage- edible!

synthetic meat and plastic cabbages
What! Even meat is synthetic?! The world has ended!

In 2014, an article on Kotaku stated that most Japanese and Chinese restaurants sell plastic foods. The problem is that the food smells, tastes and feels totally like the real.

 Plastic cabbages in Kenya
Be careful- Plastic cabbages! Picture of some of the plastic foods allegedly being sold in Chinese and Japanese restaurants.
Fake cabbages and plastic vegetables
Fake vegetables, plastic cabbages, carrots, onions etc

Be careful not to eat such a cabbage! Plastics are very dangerous to your health. Just have a look at what research says about the use of plastics.

  • Plastics contribute to cancer. Most of them contain diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), a very carcinogenic chemical!
  • Plastics, including plates, cups, paper bags, ink and bottles, has traces of lead, mercury and cadmium, which are very toxic. In fact, they are likely to kill in minutes, Mercury has been used in the past to inject into people who oppose governments. It causes a breakdown of the nervous system.
  • Depletion of the immune system
  • Birth defects

Recently, there was a picture of Ms Colombia getting astonished after her pretty eyes came into contact with fake food at a mall.

Miss Colombia reacting to fake food in Tokyo
Miss Colombia reacting to fake food in Tokyo. Japanese and Chinese plastic cabbages are making news all over the world!

This video shows a supposed hottelier making a fake synthetic cabbage using heated wax. Watch and leave your comments!

But, people from Asia are saying the fake plastic cabbage story is all a controversy peddled by people who want the worst for their business. In fact, they say the cabbages are plastic, yes- but for display not for human consumption.

The Chinese and Japanese say the fake foods are for display, and plastic is used to make them durable.
The Chinese and Japanese say the fake foods are for display, and plastic is used to make them durable.

What do you believe? is the plastic cabbage edible, or only for display? Is it possible to chew synthetic material? I’d rather be careful with what I eat, than stand and say there’s no plastic food. What about you?