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The Nairobi Times values your secrecy, privacy, and security when you’re using our website. And, to make sure that we give you the best services, we collect and use your personal information. We are determined to keep their personal data safe from third parties and from anyone else apart from you and us.

About The Nairobi Times
About The Nairobi Times

We put extra measures to keep your information safe to reasonable levels as per the law and the latest technology. We only collect information that is necessary for providing useful services and at no time shall we obtain any information apart from that described in this privacy policy. This Privacy Policy Page must be read together with the Terms and Conditions page.

General summary

By using our website and online platforms, we presume that you have already read, understood and consented to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  1. In this Privacy Policy and Terms and Use, “Us”, “We” and “Our” shall refer to The Nairobi Times and all the features and herein. “You” shall denote the visitor or user of any of our websites, apps all platforms.
  2.  The “Personal information” in this privacy policy shall refer to your location, IP address, your email, contact details, ID card or financial documents, credit cards or any other kind of information that is deemed personal by the Laws of Kenya and international laws.
  3.  Our contract forms may collect your data which may include your email and other details. You are required by the law to provide your truthful information. Our login and signup features normally collect your name, passwords and emails.
  4. Our advertisement partners may pick your demographic information. Then, our cookies collect your browsing history.
  5. Our social media integration features will obtain your email address and the information that you set as public on the respective social media platforms.
  6. Then, our commenting features will take your email and IP address.
  7. We collect such information from you to achieve the seamless functioning of our website. Also, when you provide information to us, you will easily access registration support purchases and comments without any problem.
  8. At no time shall we willingly transfer any personal data with local or foreign organizations without the substantial proportions unless compelled to do so by the law.
  9. We shall not collect any of your personal information that you have not provided us; or that which we haven’t listed in this privacy policy.
  10. The Nairobi Times partners with third parties such as Google to place advertisements on our website. These 3rd that parties collect data and store cookies on your device to make management of their ads possible. The use of such information shall be in accordance to the respective third parties. Check out this link to understand how Google uses data received from you when you use their services.
  11. We only store your information for as long as necessary and then delete it when we are done.
  12. We allow our web users to interact anonymously with our website and platforms to the extent that the law permits.
  13. We are committed to keeping your data safe and at no time shall The Nairobi Times sell, rent, lease out, or give away your information to any other that party unless those anticipated in our privacy policy and terms of use.
  14. In the case that The Nairobi times is involved in an agreement, franchise, merger, partnership, rebranding, or an entire buyout with other parties, then we shall transfer your personal information as part of our assets. From that, time on your data will be used in accordance to the agreements we make in that partnership.
  15. We may provide services and products for sale on our platforms. If you want to buy any of them, we may require you to provide your payment information to our gateway partners. That information shall be used in accordance to this Privacy Policy and those of the gateway companies you choose. We shall not be liable for any of this kind of data.
  16. We reserve the liberty to alter the content and material of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The Nairobi Times may decide to email users about certain changes we make on this page. However, the law does not oblige us to send messages to you which is why we strongly encourage you to read this page regularly for any changes.

Information we collect

In this section, find out the information we collect from you as well as how we use it.

 Registration Data

You may be required to provide an email, address, password, name, and contact information through our registration forms. This is to help you create an account with us.

Payment information

Access to our premium services and products may require you to provide payment information. The kind of information we collect depends on the payment method that you choose. If you’re in Kenya, we may need you to give us your MPesa details and ID card number to complete the payment successfully. 

Technical collection of data

As it is normally the case with other online-based services, The Nairobi Times collects non-personally identifiable data. Our web services are designed to create log files automatically for configuration. Some of the data stored on a log file can include your time stamp internet service provider IP address type of browser type of device MAC address. This information is useful for web Analytics and making decisions that improve your experience on our platforms.

Service-based information

If you need to purchase any of our products or obtain premium services, then we may need you to provide us with personal information to make the transaction a success. This could include bank details, scanned copy of your ID card, contacts and addresses as well as any other information needed to authenticate transaction. This kind of information shall be completely removed and deleted after the service and only the general bookkeeping info shall be retained.

Collection of contact info

Our websites and platforms have features decided to collect contact information. This includes your phone, number, email address, password, and name. Such information shall give you access to our commenting and contributing platforms.

Device information

We shall track the device that you use to make our web services easily accessible to you. This information includes your internet protocol (IP) address, software, browser, and type of device you used to access our website.

How Our Partners and Third Parties Use Information

Some features on our platforms may require you to provide information to third parties. We normally store the personal information that you allow us to use and share with our third-party partners. This may include liking, commenting, and sharing features.

Social media platforms as well as applications and other partners may require your personal information to provide you with custom services. You have a right to opt out.

We store collect and use information provided by third parties. This kind of information is essential in advertising, and improving content. Our advertising partners may decide to collect and analyze your personal information. Also, governmental and other governmental authorities may use such information for legal and demographic studies.

The Nairobi Times shall not be any liable for information anticipated to be corrected stored or used by third parties. Such information shall be used in accordance to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of those specific parties that hold such information.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a file with organized information stored from our servers to your device. The cookie contains alphanumeric identification information. We use cookies to analyze, manage, and report the interaction that our users have with our websites and platforms.

First Party cookies

Any cookie stored on your device is the first party cookie.  First party cookies collect information aiming to improve your interaction with our website and provide you with a good user experience. The cookies normally take account of your interaction including authenticating login details and return visit as well as advertise or actions. Further, the cookies help us analyze and report statistical data.

Cookies may help us collect data about the webpage that brought you to our website as well as your IP address and the time at which you enter

Session and persistent cookies

Our platform uses session cookies that expire immediately after you close your tab or leave the website. The persistent cookie remains saved on your device for a prolonged time. You can opt out the persistent cookies and remove them from your storage system by clicking on “Help” or “Settings” options of your browser. You may notice that if you do not accept our first party cookies, you will have problems interacting with some features on our website.

Third party cookies

Crawlers, advertisers and analytics service providers may also store you cookies on your device to deliver personalized advertisements to you. The information that third parties collect from you in you are include:

  • type of device
  • the browser you use
  • IP address, and;
  • the number of times you see the advertisements.

The main function of these third-party cookies is to provide you with interest-based advertisement. We shall not be held responsible for the ads, content or information rendered to those parties, as they are not covered in our privacy policy. Also, we have no copyright to those advertisements or third-party cookies. For more information about how Google uses information collected from you when advertising, check this link.

 External Links

TheNairobiTimes may link to other websites for advertisements and informational purposes. The Privacy Policies of those websites that we link through may be different from ours and therefore, we cannot protect any information you provide to them. We shall not take liability for any information that you provide to those websites and we encourage you to read and understand their respective privacy statements before you visit them.

Protection of children

 The law does not allow any contracts with minors or anyone below the age of 18 years unless with parental guidance or a legalized/licensed guardian. Therefore, the material provided on our website shall only be for informational purposes. Children are not allowed to register on our website. In case we notice that anyone below the age of 18 has provided us with their information without the consent of their legal custodians or parents, we shall investigate the matter and delete such information from our servers.

Contact us

If you have any inquiries about our privacy policy, reach our customer care team through the following contacts: