Opposition leader Raila Odinga has declared he was ready to die for the sake of electoral justice in Kenya.
 Raila said this as he brought to an end his campaign in support of his swearing in as the people’s president on January 30.
Speaking at a rally held in Homabay stadium on Saturday, January 27, the opposition leader reiterated to his followers there would be no dialogue and that the time for half measures and talk with President Uhuru, was over.
“If it will cost my life or send me to jail for life, I am ready for it,” Raila told his supporters.
Raila said he would pay such a price for electoral justice and told the ecstatic crowd his life was no different of that of hundreds who perished during the election period.
“My life is no different than that of baby Pendo or the more than 300 people who have died since the August 8 Election,” Raila passionately went on.
The crowd, fueled by the words of their leader who spoke in all three languages, dhuluo,Kiswahili and English, numbered in thousands with some waving bibles at Raila, in a show of solidarity.
The NASA flag bearer warned Kenyans that conflict could be imminent and beckoned all to come out in numbers to witness his oathing as the people president.

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