Shock as Ruto’s Wheelbarrows Rejected in Nyandarua, TangaTanga Mps almost Beaten

Ruto’s TangaTanga side had a shock of their lives when residents of Ol Kalou in Nyadarua County chanted the down and denied them a chance to “insult Uhuru Kenyatta”. The crowd told Ruto to come visit them with the president beside him if he wants them to listen. For every word Ruto said, the people said “BBI” , “Uhuru”, and “Heshimu Rais”.

Ruto Chanted Down in Ol Kalou Nyandarua

In a new turn of events, Nyandarua residents have resisted the wheelbarrow philosophy and Ruto’s advances in Mt Kenya region. The county, which is popular for being the constituency of the late strongman JM Kariuki, last weekend chanted down Ruto and his TangaTanga crew when they tried to sell the hustler narrative.

Nyandarua is one of the counties that has been sidelined since Independence. It was only during the devolution that they have been finally able to see a tarmac road cross their county. The county receives meagre funds from the national government and you can understand why they are ready to support the BBI. They believe the only way they can finally have roads constructed, and JM Kariuki’s dreams finally realized is if they get enough money at their ward level through constitutional amendments.

JM Kariuki fought for equality and was the classical version of a Marxist “hustler” who believed that land should be redistributed to the poor. He was opposed to the selfish amassment of wealth during the post-colonial period at the expense of poor people. He’s famed for his quotes, including “I fear Kenya becoming a country of ten millionaires and ten million poor people”. He was then assassinated in 1975.

However, the people of Nyandarua, Ol Kalou constituency say that they smell hypocrisy in the Hustler Nation narrative. They claim JM Kariuki, unlike William Ruto and his Hustler movement, did not have any plans of becoming a president and was only fighting for the rights of his people. And, while JM Kariuki was ready to die- and actually did- for his people, Ruto is only interested in his 2022 ambitions.

So, when William Ruto led his Tanga Tanga brigade to a “church service” in Ol Kalou, they were chanted down and some of them almost beaten by the residents. This is new because it’s been apparent that they have had the ground for themselves. But, this time round, the Nyandarua people told off that they support BBI and President Uhuru Kenyatta.