Stop Confusing Parents Anymore, Kenyans Warn Magoha

Kenyans Want Education CS Magoha to resign or Stay Out of TV and Stop Confusing Parents

Kenyans want CS Magoha to be fired or just stay out of TV because every tie the cameras shine on his face, he starts confusing them. The former UoN Vice Chancellor was able to handle the university far better than he is handling the education sector in the corona period.

Many Kenyans have rated George Magoha as the most confused person in government today. While it might not be his fault, the medical practitioner could probably be in the wrong docket altogether.

Matiang’i was repected because he had been a teacher before he became the CS for education. But, Magoha is probably too much of a scientist, facts and formular guy that he fails to understand he’s dealing with real humans.

On many occasions, Magoha has confused parents on the opening dates, and he seems just as green as the people themselves.

Magoha told Kenyans that schools would be opened by 16th of October and even told teachers to report. But, he didn’t assign any duties to the. may teachers are playing football and board games in schools idly. Other teachers have even offered themselves to clean the classrooms and water flowers.

According to the Nation Africa Newspaper, Magoha only listens to himself but the president told him to plan on “how” schools will reopen and not get fascinated by “when”.