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At The Nairobi Times, we value our relationship with you why we pledge to provide you with informative, interesting and high-quality content and services. And, because we want to have a smooth relationship with you, we wish to make an agreement with you.

Our Terms of Service page describe how we interact with you. It must be read together with our Privacy Policy as it states the agreements we make with you when you are interacting with our website.

About The Nairobi Times
About The Nairobi Times

General Summary

  1. By opening any of our pages or scrolling through The Nairobi Times, websites or applications we assume that you have already read, understood and consented to this agreement. This page as well as our Privacy Policy represents the legal framework through which our relationship shall persevere.
  2. The ToS is a legally binding agreement between The Nairobi Times, and any reader or person who visits our websites applications or platforms. Please read it very carefully before you scroll our site.
  3. Using our website and services shows that you have accepted the terms and conditions on this page as well as the Privacy Policy.
  4. Throughout this post, “we” and “our” shall represent The Nairobi Times as well as all assets and features herein. “You” shall refer to the user or anyone interacting with our platforms, features, content, services, and applications.
  5. You have to provide accurate information on signing up with us. The Nairobi Times shall not be liable for any third-party content posted by other people including comments, advertisements, and guest posts.
  6. At The Nairobi Times, we vehemently oppose plagiarism and the use of unlicensed contents whether it is in the form of videos pictures text or any other media. Any information that we borrow from other websites shall be referenced in accordance to the law. Likewise, any material borrowed from our website must be linked to the source (TheNairobiTimes.co.ke) or the exact URL to the page from which the content was copied.
  7. Any user-generated content that does not adheres to this privacy policy shall be deleted.
  8. Copying of more than 50 Words from this website verbatim may attract litigation. This website and its features are patented and any infringement of the materials therein shall constitute a criminal offence.
  9. Each user may be assigned an account. Any content from non-executive users is their own and we do not ascertain the correctness of such material.
  10. Our content is only for recreational and educational purposes. We try to match to the real-time research and correctness; but we shall not guarantee affection. Any information or tips will give to you are just for informational purposes only and if you want to take any health financial or any form of decision you must get the advice of a professional.
  11. Our content is for general viewing and we hold steadfast to Family Values. The law only allows us to form an agreement or contract with people of major age. Therefore, we prohibit registration of minors on our and we shall only allow those adults. If you are not 18 yet, then we advise you to seek guidance from your parents.
  12. We allow our users to watch our videos contactors comment on our website and read our articles as well as share them on social media as long as you do not infringe the copyright. However, we may charge for some of our premium services.
  13. We encourage our users to use our features and contents in a fair manner. Comments that tend to go against these terms of use may be removed. However, we shall not be liable for any information material content or Media provided by our users.

Advertisements and Endorsements Policy

This section describes our use of advertisement and revenue-generating posts and media.

  1. Our website uses sponsorships and advertisements to sustain the smooth running of a business. We outsource advertisements from Amazon Google and other licensed companies which we have declared to sell inventory. These advertisements may be in the form of posters pictures, text, videos, or links. See how Google collect and handles your personal information in the year advertisements here.
  2. We shall not be responsible for the advertisements posted on our website, as that is the sole responsibility of the ad service providers.
  3. Neither The Nairobi Times nor our directors, or affiliates shall be responsible for the advertisements or any losses injuries or damages incurred because of interacting with those advertisements or their products.

Payment and Pricing Policy

  1. The Nairobi Times may decide to offer premium services targeted at some of our users. Such users will need to contact us first before they make a purchase. The prices shall be primarily quoted in Kenyan shillings or the equivalent in US dollars or your jurisdiction’s currency.
  2. The payment shall be made through MPesa, Credit Cards, PayPal, or Bank Transfer, or any other method that The Nairobi Times may introduce. We shall not accept immature cheques.
  3. Payments must be done before the transaction is initialized. If not then the payment must be due immediately the order or service is accepted.
  4. The Nairobi Times reserves the right to decline or accept any payments of any form.
  5. We shall not hold your payment information apart from those that will help us keep inventory. Other payment details of any form shall be deleted from our server immediately after the transaction. Any other information that we store shall be maintained as per the legal agreements as well as those of third-party gateways that you choose.  Check our payment agreement on our privacy policy page.

Termination of Use

  • You have the freedom to opt out from any of our services and platform anytime.
  • Ordinary users can just close the tab and clear the browser cache to end their session.
  • Premium users can terminate their accounts by writing to us about their decision.
  • The Nairobi Times reserves the right to suspend, approve, terminate, or close user accounts because of- but not limited to – any case of contradictions of our terms of use.


  • Neither TheNairobiTimes nor our content owners, or third parties or their proprietors, directors, contractors, employees, or agents is liable for any loss or damage whether indirect or consequential, punitive nor special, that arise from your use of the website.
  • In accordance to our Privacy Policy, TheNairobiTimes.co.ke shall use reasonable measures to protect your personal data. By using our website, you have already acknowledged your submission of information to us at your own risk.
  • The Nairobi Times therefore disclaims all liabilities for the injury, loss, damage, or trauma resulting from the reading, hearing, use, application, meditation, contemplation or discussion of the information found on our website or platforms.

Questions About Our Terms of Use

If you would like to contact us regarding these terms of use you can reach us through our customer support team. Comments, questions, enquiries, or letters to us should be addressed to feedback@thenairobitimes.co.ke. You can also fill in the form provided.