Terror Alert at the EACC Headquarters

The EACC headquarters in Integrity Center Nairobi is on another terror alert.

EACC officials have arrested a team of traffic police officers who have been allegedly terrorizing the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway. According to The Star News Paper, the four officers had money in their pockets.

Three of the four traffic cops veil their looks after being arrested by EACC for soliciting money from motorists on  the highway.

Four traffic officers were arrested on Wednesday by anti-corruption authorities at Section 58 on Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

This implemented allegations that they were soliciting bribes from road users who tipped off EACC officers.

George Oira, supervisor Ethics and Anti-Corruption Percentage at the South Rift, said they found the officers with Sh33, 500 cash.

“We suspect that the money was part of what they had collected from motorists, inches he said.

The representatives are Catherine Kamanu, Enock Okoth, Henry Apollo and Beatrice Nolari.

They were interrogated at the EACC offices in Nakuru for a much better part of Wed and still in custody.

“We will take them to courtroom as soon as we are through with investigations on the case, ” Oira said.

“EACC detectives will be conducting a crackdown to arrest traffic cops doing corrupt activities. ”

The cash recovered from four traffic cops arrested by EACC for soliciting bribes from motorists on Nairobi-Nakuru highway, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. /RITA DAMARY

Steve Kabita, the police officers’ legal professional, accused the EACC investigators of harassing his clients.

He said the traffic officers were arrested while conducting their lawful responsibilities.

“The officers were doing their daily duties when they were interrupted by the officers, ” Kabita said.

Allegations of bribery at roadblocks mounted by traffic cops were rife during last year’s police vetting.