The JAAS Foundation and Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML)

By Patrick Ndiritu

Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns have literally meant no education for millions of students around the world. In Kenya, it’s a hard task to convince kids to study at home. Fortunately, DTML is coming to save the situation! Get instant learning lessons, topics and trainers all on one platform!

Patrick Nderitu Experienced trainer and psychologist.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic there has been efforts to try and get children a class set up the easiest possible way. Truth be told, most of the children rarely get hold of a book if they are not under supervision by a teacher or a grown up. Parents, on the other hand, are not in a position to offer the learners this supervision as they are busy trying to make ends meet.

In that case, the saves the day. This is an organization that is aimed at making the learners access education in the comfort of their home. The platform has educational games, videos and print materials that help the learners continue their studies as if at school, only better because it is digitally. The JAAS Foundation maintains foundational and equal components to create opportunities across the globe: Learning the universal language and promoting Digital literacy

I am a teacher of English and I have to admit it has been a wonderful experience having learners use the platform. The learners have had to apply all the four skills of English learning; Writing, reading, listening and speaking. There are grammar exercises as well. We have organized four lessons per week with ten learners who are beneficiaries of my project during this pandemic time owing to the social distancing and the measures to curbing the spread of the disease.

To access the platform, one needs a laptop or an android phone and internet access. Visit Good news though, after accessing the website, there are no internet bundles required to play the games. A welcoming message pops up with guidelines on how to use DTML.

There are directions to playing educational games or watching educational videos. The games have ranging levels of hardness thus accommodating the variety of learners who could access the platform. A sign in option on the page is aimed at making a registration for a class in case one has a group of learners with whom to use. There are badges awarded on making achievements in the games as they are competitive bearing in mind that the platform is accessed worldwide.

The Kenyan government has been trying to focus on taking education to the digital level. This is a good start. Learning at home especially at these tough times has been made easier and better. I would urge anyone in a position to access the DTML platform to try it out. It serves best as it captures both the learner’s interest in learning and at the same time it is fun.