This Nairobi Couple Discovered They’re Brother and Sister Hours Before Wedding (VIDEO)

You might have heard it as a fairytale sometime back, but; it actually happened recently in Nairobi. As reported by Kameme TV, this couple had been together for several months and were planning to get married officially through a church wedding. But, their love could not continue after they discovered that they were brother and sister.

Siblings Marriage Stopped By Parents

Love is strong; people get attracted to each other through physical attributes character and sometimes blood. And blood-love happened for a Nairobi couple who’s cupid arrow went in the wrong direction, causing a sister and a brother to fall in love without knowing.

The two lover birds had their dreams shattered after they realized that they were brother and sister. Rose Wanjiku and John Njoroge met in Nairobi while they were doing their daily business. Rose was buying shoes from Njoroge, and soon, this would end up in a serious relationship leading to marriage.

 Kameme TV reported about the two lovebirds who said they were in a serious relationship and were even planning to get married. But fortunately or unfortunately, when they were planning to get married, they went for the year introductions to the parents per the Kikuyu culture. But, that is when you are in for a rude shock. Their parents could not believe their eyes, and they decided their kid from getting married.

” After taking Rose to my parents for the formal introduction, my family categorically disapproved of our union. It is here that I learnt that my father had another wife and my girlfriend was her daughter,” said heartbroken John.

This shattered the couple’s plans to have a formal wedding, especially because the family members discussed the issue and declared the two half-brothers and half-sister. The revelation made the elders warn of dire consequences in case they continued with any taboo romantic connections. The elders went ahead to advise the couple told no ritual was required as the marriage hadn’t taken place.

I was saddened that the man I loved, the one I was ready to spend my life with couldn’t be mine because he was my blood brother. I was frustrated and put in acute stress. Even today, I cannot try falling in love because I fear that the person could even turn out to be my relatives again,” said the heartbroken Rose.

Heartbroken Rose.

The elders further advised the young people always to consult widely. They told young people to ensure they conduct their research before they can get married to individuals because they don’t know whether they are their step siblings.

But this case is not new, although it has been played in lots of thespian settings as drama. One South African couple learnt that they were siblings after 5 years together. The two were expecting a baby and were planning to make their union formal. But, on the day that they were meeting their family, their parents discovered that they’re siblings separated after divorce.

Then in 2014, another Brazilian couple came to the bitter realization after seven years of marriage and even a six-year-old kid together. The two spouses were searching for their parents, and both said that their respective mothers were called Maria. So, the woman sought the help of a local radio program that was similar to Kameme FM man Nyari’s Njanjo Ya Mutûrîre. The radio show took steps to help find her lost mother. Things went fast, and it turned out that Maria was not only her mother but also her husband’s.

The Couple found out they were siblings and could not continue with their love.

What would you do if you found out your partner is actually your sibling?