Trump the Most Pro-Peace US President in Recent Times

The World Been More Peaceful With Trump as USA President, Than Any Other President before Him!

The last three decades have witnessed world superpowers flex their weapon and military muscle with each other, but; that came to a halt in 2017 when President Donald Trump took the reins of the western superpower.

Millions of people have died since 1985; during the Gulf War, Afghanistan War, The Arabian Uprising, recently, the ISIS Rebellion. You can’t even name one president in America’s recent history who was as passionately pro-Global peace as Trump! Yet, it was a matter of time before everyone in the world felt safe again because none of the superpowers was willing to show any aggression.

trump best international policy president
President Trump meets Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump’s administration saw the best peace times in the middle east and the entire world through his global peace campaigns deals. Picture by Politico

Many people expected Trump to be a “warmonger” and even the media thought of him as the next “Hitler”. But, the conservative president came with a simple policy that solved everything.

“America First” simply meant that Trump’s focus was on what was good for America. And, with this simple yet sagacious philosophy, Trump was able to make the world a better place.

America First meant that the American Government didn’t want to waste resources and time in other countries. He diverted that energy into building America, and making it “Great Again”. President Trump, as a successful businessperson, understands exactly what it takes to drive the country forward.

Although the Covid19 pandemic has caused ripples around the world’s economy, he’s been able to maintain good economic growth in the world’s superpower.

“America First” simply means that before taking money to other countries, that funding goes straight to communities and citizens. Instead of financing unnecessary wars around the world, he equipped the military, police, and law enforcement.

He understands that it can never be reasonable to be called the “world’s superpower” when the country languishes in terror and crime. So, the energy and resources go straight to building America as opposed to fighting the world!

Other previous presidents have always wanted to prove to the world that America has a strong military. They end up ruining the world’s peace, economy, and hurting families and innocent people in the process. The problem is that every of that war is funded directly by American taxpayers, which is exactly why Trump was able to cut taxes immensely!

Trump’s International Policy versus Barack Hussein Obama’s

Trump has been criticized by many elite media as a warmonger, anti-Islam extremist, but the stats show something totally different! When Obama was president, the Arab Uprising, ISIS and North Africa experienced probably the most tumultuous moment in their history. Gadhafi was killed, ISIS sprung and many people died around the Arab world. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was even heard mocking people “We came, we saw, we concurred, he died.”

What the Donald did was a very straightforward deliberate way of solving issues. For instance, instead of having to tear up the Middle Eastern mountains like his predecessors, Trump put in a super strategy that would see Iranian terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi executed without killing innocent people in his town. Smart, cheap, precise, and lifesaving!

Trump saw that a war with a crazy North Korean monarch was impending, and for his love of peace, he realized he could do something no other president had done. When Obama left the Oval, he categorically said North Korea would pose a great challenge.

But, Trump’s genius made it look simple by meeting Dictator Kim Jong Un even without worrying about his own security! And yes- they signed an agreement that helped save several lives that would have otherwise is lost in a fight between two nuclear powers.

Trump’s administration has overseen the signing of tens of peace deals that have seen Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, and Syria peaceful, albeit for now.

And, while many people in the media continue to bash Trump for his strong immigration policy, we have to be honest with ourselves. Trump does not mean that legal immigrants are deported no! It’s those people who sneak and trespass America, illegally. That’s exactly what a sensible government does, anywhere in the world.

In short, Trump may not be the politically correct kind of leader of the free world, but he has put several hands-on strategies to achieve the thriving, most peaceful era on the global map in recent times. Africa, the Middle East, and the entire world should certainly be hoping for a continuation of this kind of rule!

Kinyua Njeri is a Kenyan writer, and newspaper commentator.