Meet Whiteman, Nyeri Boda Rider With Everything White Including Socks Handkerchief and…

Meet the Nyeri Town Boda Boda Rider who dresses in white and rides a white motorbike.

Nahashon Wanjohi aka “Whiteman” white and has become the most conspicuous rider in the town.

Whiteman Wanjohi
Nahashon Wanjohi aka Whiteman rides a white bodaboda and wears All-white clothes

He wears a white cap, white helmet, white overalls, White gloves, white socks, rides a white bike and has white socks.

Born and raised in Gatîri-inî Kiamwathi area of Nyeri Town, the lovely and highly religious young man always loved white color. Those close to him say Wanjohi got this inspiration from his mûkûrinû aunt.

Before upgrading to a Motorbike, Whiteman had a spectacular white bicycle with a solar panel-powered subwoofer which wowed many people!

But life hasn’t been smooth for this handsome man.
In September 2019, he lost his beloved brother in a tragic road accident. He had to deal with the heartache of losing the brother he loved.

Today, Nahashon Wanjohi aka Whiteman has risen from the pain, and we are celebrating his uniqueness of style!

Watch Whiteman on KTN HERE:

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